Activities of the Second Art Event: “Food/Eat Art”
at a historic Villa and the public Libary, Milano, Italy


Events at the Palazzina Sicentro

13th of October 2015, 6.30 p.m.
Opening Exhibition „Eat Art, Art to eat“
with classical music concert by Suzuki School of Milan

Performance: „Slow Atoms“ by Max Parazzini,
music by Emanuele Scataglini
Taste experience with wine and food. The openHUB Project Partners are present.

17th of October 2015, 8.45 p.m.
Concert of classical guitar, voice and mandolin:
music from Giuliani, Vivaldi and Pergolesi with guitarist
Renato Spadari, the soprano Alessandra Rossitto, the
mandolin player Giorgio Merati

Video- and Music performance after the Concert:
„All you can eat“ by Emanuele Scataglini
Snacks with Italian food


Events at the Biblioteca Valvassori Peroni

16th of October 2015, 5.45 p.m.
Opening Exhibition „Eat Art, Art to eat“ with concert of
classical guitar, presentation of works and performances
of Cake Design, in collaboration with the artists of the
„Association Swiat Nadziei“, Wroclaw, Poland

24th of October 2015, 3-6 p.m.
„Fairies to taste“, reading of fairies connected with food
By Barbara Rosenberg

„Workshop EAT ME“ with Rasa Alksnyte, a Belgian artist
who works with food to create artworks. In cooperation
with „Netwerk” from Aalst, Belgium.

Classical concert with Coro città di Milano.
Musics from Mozart, Bach, Arcadelt, Haendel and Listz
Director: M° Gianmario Cavallaro
at H 21 (in the Library’s Auditorium)



Artist in Residency with artists of project partner “Association Swiat Nadziei” Wroclaw, Poland