Activities of the First Art Event: “Food/Eat Art”
at „OSTRALE`015 – Exhibition for Contemporary Art“, Dresden, Germany



“Mein fremdes Ich”, by Lamettanest, Dresden, Germany




Second Partner Meeting at the OSTRALE´015

Preparation for the Second Art Event ind Milano, Italy




“Prosit”, by Barbara Rosenberg

with enclosed Performance „Viaggio in Italia: Songs about culture and food”, by Renato Spadari, Scarlett Mattka, Emanuele Scataglini, Artists of  the “Associazione Equinozio” in Milano, Italy




Michał Bujnicki Performance, Opening OSTRALE´015


openHUB Partner: „The World of Hope Association“, „The ArtBrut Gallery and Studio for Encouraging“

Artist: Michał Bujnicki

Michał Bujnicki, assiociated artist of ArtBrut Gallery, born in 1975 Gubin. He graduated from the Art Institute of the Pedagogical University of Zielona Góra. Active in the performance art since 1997, consistently pursuing the path of shamanistic transformation, in which objects, poetry, sounds all come to life and are subject to a magical-religious transformation by the performer.

He lives in Gubin/Poland. The artist has been blind since 2014.



„White like Snow, red like Blood“, Opening OSTRALE´015


openHUB Partner: „Associazione Equinozio“ from Milano, Italy

Artists: Scarlett Mattka (dancer), Emanuele Scataglini (director and music composer), Barbara Rosenberg (co-author and director assistant)

Fairy tales can still speak to contemporary people?
And the elements of nature such as milk, wine, fruit can take a magical value?
In this dance show, inspired by the fairy tale Snow White by the Brothers Grimm, the food is an element of power and magic. Snow White’s stepmother, powerful alchemist, knows the power of food, preparing magic recipes combining milk to wine, stirring with wisdom the flavors in the copper pot, until the poison apple to subdue her stepdaughter to her power.



kick off meeting
15./16.5. 2015, at the OSTRALE, Dresden, Germany